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30 grams

300 mg CBD

SeaCream™ all purpose OceanEnhanced™ topical CBD salve fortified with BioPrime™ nano-particle CBD delivery technology combines the unique healing properties of pure cannabidiol (CBD) isolate with the bio enhancing powers of Pacific Ocean derived ionized nanoparticle trace minerals. In addition, SeaCream™ is further bio-enhanced via our proprietary patent pending blend of natural potentiation factors including organic monocyclic monoterpenoids, organic flavonoids and essential oils.


Pacific Ocean water, Organic, fair trade shea butter, Organic, fair trade cacao butter, Organic, non GMO hempseed oil, Organic, non GMO MCT oil, Organic beeswax, Organic essential oils

Please Note: This product will be fairly firm.  We recommend you scrape a small amount of the salve out of the tin and apply it to the site of treatment, then gently massage as the body heat melts the salves and allows it to spread. If easier you can also gently melt it between the fingers before application. 

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