CBD Journal and Resources

CBD Journal and Resources

If you are new to using CBD or you are changing products or dosages, we suggest keeping a CBD journal and noting the following:

  • Date and time
  • Amount of cannabis or CBD
  • Strain or brand
  • Method of delivery—dried flower, vaping, tincture, topical, etc.
  • Effects—how did it work?

More detailed journal keeping can include:

  • Cannabinoid content—percentages of CBD, THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids
  • Location and activity —watching TV, working, playing with the dog, etc.
  • Other medications
  • Physical symptoms
  • Mood
  • Response time
  • Quality of sleep

While most people probably won’t record every one of these details, consistency in logging the most important ones is vital. You may even find you want to add other things to your journal, such as details about your appetite, energy level, alcohol consumption, and more. Whatever seems significant to you is worth keeping track of.

For those who like to track things on their PC or tablet, there are plenty of choices when it comes to digital journaling.

If you are typically on the go, keeping a log on your smartphone might make sense. And believe it or not, there are apps designed specifically for this purpose!

Releaf App

Releaf App is a free tool to help you track your experiences with CBD and cannabis products. Available on Google Play or the App Store, it allows you to record details like mood, side effects, products, dosage amounts, and level of relief. It’s a great way to chart your progress and get an overview of what works best.

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