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Blissforia - About Us

The conversations have started.

Women from all ages and stages of life are speaking out with their own stories about the holistic healing power of CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the Hemp plant. 

Through shared experiences, women propel our own voices forward about the holistic healing power of CBD.  Stress, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, depression, hormonal imbalances and sleep disorder are some of the common ailments women of all ages suffer from but have found relief with the therapeutic power of nature's plant based medicine.

Blissforia is an online health and wellness venue offering safe, locally and ethically sourced, high quality Canadian made plant based wellness products.

A collective run by women for women to support and inspire one another in the daily journey towards a happier, healthier and ultimately more enjoyable life.

Blissforia is fuelled by passion, we act with integrity and stand behind every woman's right to decide their own path towards higher, healthy, holistic living.

Our Story


Buoyed by our own positive experiences with CBD, we began to listen to other women talk about dealing with stress, pain, sleep issues and diminished sexual pleasure. We heard these same women declare with raw authenticity about the positive emotional, physical, and mental benefits of using CBD.

We started to research the industry, to be better informed about symptoms and treatment, and to ask smarter questions about what plant based solutions were both available and accessible.

We were shocked at what we learned. Talented women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who had cultivated and ethically produced their own plant based businesses, were still underserved in this growing industry.

We wanted to support this movement.

The business and the vision...

Inspired by the collection of women's voices promoting the positive life changing benefits of CBD, blissforia came to life. We believe every woman should be empowered to control their own wellness, health decisions and personal pleasure. We are committed to providing a platform where women can create dialogue, gain knowledge, ask questions, be collaborative and inspire each other in a safe, inclusive, and respectful space.

Women are no longer just consumers but also creators of plant based solutions with positive life changing potential.

Blissforia is about empowerment and community.

This is our corner of the sky. Come join us!

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