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Blissforia CBD Dosing
CBD is generally safe to consume as long as it's clean and has no toxins.
Our CBD products are pure, organic, lab tested and ethical.

Because of the benefits of the entire plant, full-spectrum CBD products are priced higher than their broad-spectrum counterparts or CBD isolates. It’s also more challenging for manufacturers to maintain consistent ratios when using a full-spectrum extract — again raising the overall cost of these oils.

Scientists also concluded that the full spectrum of cannabinoids provided better effects with higher doses, while the effects of isolated CBD maintained consistent with increased intake.

Important Factors to Consider when taking CBD:

  • The concentration of CBD
  • The weight of the individual
  • The individual’s body chemistry
  • The severity of the condition being treated

A great way to begin taking CBD is starting off on a low side of a dosage and adjusting upwards slowly over time until the desired effect is reached.

Depending on the type of product, CBD is commonly taken under the tongue (tinctures), swallowed (capsules, edibles and liquids), applied topically (skin creams/salves/ointments) or inhaled (e-liquids).

There is a wide range of dosing possibilities. You can break it down into three dose ranges that are used for different conditions. These three doses combined with a person’s body weight can determine the recommended starter dose.

See our CBD dosing chart below for more details.

Micro doses are considered a low level of medication, ranging anywhere from 0.5mg to 20mg of CBD per dose per day. This dose can be effective for sleep, headaches, mood disorders, nausea, PTSD, stress, and metabolic disorders,

Standard doses are mid-range, between 10mg to 100mg of CBD per dose per day. This dose has shown to be effective for pain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, anxiety, depression, arthritis, some mental disorders, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, autism, and weight loss.

Macro (therapeutic) doses are at the high range, between 50mg and 800mg of CBD per dose per day. These high doses are often used to treat cancer, epilepsy, seizure disorders, liver disease, and other life-threatening conditions.

Dosing chart as per body weight


Micro 0.01 mg per lb, increase slowly as needed
Standard 0.15 mg per lb, increase slowly as needed
Macro 0.75 mg per lb, increase slowly as needed


If you are unsure of how much CBD you should take consult an experienced health care practitioner, especially if you have an existing medical condition.  While there aren’t a ton of physicians who have experience with CBD, most physicians should have a good idea on how your body will react to CBD and can provide you a professional CBD dosage for your situation. It's important to note that CBD may interact with certain pharmaceuticals by decreasing their effectiveness, including heart medications, allergy medications and antibiotics.

*This information is from the book CBD A Patient's Guide To Medicinal Cannabis


CBD Dosing


For those who are new to CBD ... welcome! 


CBD Oil Dosage Guides:

Starting with smaller doses is best. These can range anywhere between .25ml (a quarter) or .50ml (half) of a dropper and be sure to observe while adjusting the amounts when necessary. Start with the amount that feels most comfortable for you while monitoring and adjusting the doses to your comfort as well.

 500 mg:
  • 1 drop = 0.42 mg CBD
  • Half Dropper/0.5 mL/20 drops = 8.33 mg CBD
  • Full Dropper/1mL/40 drops =16.66 mg CBD
750 mg:
  • 1 drop = 0.63 mg CBD
  • Half Dropper/0.5 mL/20 drops = 12.5 mg CBD
  • Full Dropper/1mL/40 drops =25 mg CBD
1000 mg:
  • 1 drop = 0.83 mg CBD
  • Half Dropper / 0.5 mL / 20 drops = 16.7 mg CBD
  • Full Dropper / 1 mL / 40 drops = 33.3 mg CBD
1500 mg:
  • 1 drop = 1.25 mg CBD
  • Half Dropper / 0.5 mL / 20 drops = 25 mg CBD
  • Full Dropper / 1 mL / 40 drops = 50 mg CBD
2000 mg:
  • 1 drop = 1.6 mg CBD
  • Half Dropper / 0.5 mL / 20 drops = 33.3 mg CBD
  • Full Dropper / 1 mL / 40 drops = 66.6 mg CBD
3000 mg:
  • 1 drop = 2.5 mg CBD
  • Half Dropper / 0.5 mL / 20 drops = 50 mg CBD
  • Full Dropper / 1 mL / 40 drops = 100 mg CBD
CBD Edibles
  • 0.25 to 1 whole gummy or chocolate square
CBD Oil Dosage Guidelines for Pets:
  • < 5 lbs: 2 – 5 drops (0.83 – 2.1 mg CBD)
  • 5 – 10 lbs: 4 – 10 drops (2.1 – 4.2 mg CBD)
  • 10 – 20 lbs: 0.25 – 0.5 mL (4.2 – 8.3 mg CBD)
  • 20 – 35 lbs: 0.5 – 1 mL (8.3 – 16.7 mg CBD)
Blissforia CBD Instructions


Directions for Use


CBD Oils:

To apply the dose of CBD oil, squeeze the quantity of choice into the dropper and place the CBD oil under the tongue, hold it there for 30 seconds and you’re all set to carry on with your daily tasks. In addition, feel free to get creative and put your dose in your morning coffee, a smoothie or into your favourite dinner time meal, but this method may be slightly less effective that taking oil under your tongue, as it must pass first through the digestive system. Keep in mind that everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different which means for optimal results, staying consistent with a dosing routine is best.


Use enough cream to cover the irritated area. With the anti-inflammatory properties, these products can be used daily to mitigate pain as a result of arthritis, post-workout injuries or menstrual cramps. Apply a thin layer of cream to the localized pain area when necessary. When using CBD topicals for relaxation benefits, use on pressure points and apply in a therapeutic, massaging manner. Pressure points have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to help reduce pain and other bodily issues by applying pressure to specific areas of the body. Some pressure points include, the hands, bottom of the feet and temples. By using topicals in this manner, you can also help with combating those everyday stress headaches!

Massage Oils:

Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to bring the oil to body temperature before you apply. If desired, you can heat the oil in hot water for a warmer feeling to the touch. This oil is edible.


The recommended use is 1-2 drops (approx. 1 ml). Each bottle comes with an easy-to-use dropper.  Apply on the clitoral region by taking time to massage the soft tissue under the clitoris.  The oil can be used for solo play or as a sensitizing lubricant. 

Stimulating Gel:

Spray 1-2 pumps to the finger and directly massage onto the clitoris. After 5 minutes, add more if desired. Within seconds, most women feel a warm, pleasurable buzzing or vibrating sensation (at different times of the month, women feel different amounts of sensation due to their fluctuation in hormones).

Puppy Love Bath Bloom

 Puppy Love Bath Blooms are an incredibly easy and convenient way to integrate CBD into your pet’s care routine. Puppy Love Bath Blooms are ideal for a wide variety of focus areas or concerns regarding your pet’s wellbeing. Cannabidiol can be absorbed into the dermis for both surface level responsibilities as well as muscle and joint maintenance. This additive to bath time could be an effective method for combatting skin irritations and bug bites, which are generally situational and time sensitive, as well as promoting long term good fortune by reducing aggression and hyperactivity, and relieving muscle and joint pain from injuries or even just old age!

The process is simple and easy to follow. Begin by filling the tub roughly halfway up your pet’s leg, or more if desired. Drop in your bath bloom and let it dissolve fully. The outer layers of baking soda and citric acid are what react with the bath water to give you this experience. It is up to you how deeply submerged your pet in the tub of water, depending on problem areas or goals. Let your pet soak in the goodness of soothing oatmeal and CBD therapy for between 2 and 5 minutes. Rinse your pet and continue with their wash and shampoo routine. How frequently you would like to use our Puppy Love CBD Bath Blooms with your furry friend is up to you! Generally speaking, people like to use CBD therapy on themselves and their dog consistently for long-term results, as a part of their everyday supplement routine. However, many times, CBD therapy is specifically used to target a goal that is perhaps more imperative situationally. In these situations, you may want to use them more frequently or at a higher dosage, before stabilizing to a normal everyday process. Every Endocannabinoid System is unique, across all mammals, and the way cannabinoid therapy is integrated in your lives should reflect that - carefully crafted to aid yours and your pet’s personal needs.


Just like the very nature of life itself, your experience with CBD products will be unique. Factors such as genetics, physiology and lifestyle will impact the effects that CBD has on your body. The information and reviews on this website should not replace the advice and direction of your trusted Physician or Naturopathic provider. CBD is not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

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