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This face and neck serum is an amazing blend of natural ingredients, that will help balance your skin (balance oil producing glands in the skin), reduce redness, dryness, and calm acne. Designed for all skin types and created with the most sensitive of skin types in mind, your skin can now feel the healing benefits of hemp seed and organic hemp isolate.
Skin care doesn't have to be complicated, sometimes all you need is just a few simple ingredients in the right balance. The active botanical properties will hydrate and support the skin's natural healing properties.

Soothes & hydrates skin, Protects and repairs skin from environmental damage, Fighting acne & blemishes, Calming and ultra-nourishing, Lightweight oil that does not clog pores, Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

100MG Organic Hemp Isolate, Mango and Green Tea Leaf Extract Fragrance (Pthalate free), Hemp Seed Oil; MCT Oil

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